Galician network on language resources for a knowledge society (RELISCO)

Network description

The Galician Network on Linguistic Resources for a Knowledge Society (RELISCO) has as its main goal the creation of a plataform of linguistic resources that allows the development of the essential technologies in today's knowledge society. This society represents an advancement over the so-called Information Society. If the latter is characterized by real-time availability of information, knowledge society is characterized by promoting the ability of its members to create, store and transmit new knowledge.

The network's primary goal is the establishment of a functional structure that allows to internalize what each group is doing related to the others; openly state what each group needs from the others, which will enrich everyone's perspective; know both the needs and the outcomes of the other groups, which may change their own approaches to get more out of work. The network is related to language, communication, knowledge society and ICT and necessarily requires multidisciplinary skills.

The groups work mostly on Spanish, Galician and Spanish sign language from different angles with different purposes, also building linguistic resources and technologies.